The Straw Man in their Natural Habitat

The Straw Man in their Natural Habitat

by James Gizzie

And We're Off...

Well, the Eli & the Straw Man project is gaining ground. Over the course of last fall we saw the snippets of Eli’s songs transformed into full, performance-ready tracks and built a full band of players to play them. At the turn of the New Year the excitement had spread, and our video journalist friend, Carla Antonio, suggested shooting our performance in an intimate setting. The question was, where?


A house is more than the structure itself. It is a home, defined by the people who live in it, and the love that's created. Tam and Eli's place certainly fits that bill. Never short on amazing meals. Or red wine. Or comfort. It is the epicenter of the energy that flows through the band. It is impossible to not feel at home there, especially if you are a musician. From any point in the house, you are at arm's length from a guitar, a piece of percussion, or a keyboard. Many a band have graced the living room stage, including our friends from 'Shore Thing,' who gave us a fantastic performance at the annual 'Barbudos Christmas Miracle.' But that's a tale for another time.

We quickly concluded that the living room would be the ideal spot. Lots of light, lots of room. We moved all of the furniture out to accommodate. We also had our good friend Matt Keighan cram into the next room, with said furniture, and all his gear, to record the session. With our buddy Nathan Warriner and Carla manning the cameras, we were all set to capture the Straw Man in their natural habitat. 




The hardest part about what we were doing, was doing everything right in one take. Seeing as how we had played a grand total of two gigs prior to doing this, live performance wasn't exactly our, um, forte. Also, seeing as how we can't take a group picture without giggling like a gaggle of geese, we were a little skeptical at how the day would progress.  However, after just a few takes, we started to fall into the groove, and by take 7, 'Stay' was in the books. 'Love Gone Wrong' came a lot quicker, and had us tapping our toes in no time. Stay tuned for the release of that performance in the near future :)



Still group 4.jpg


Of course, a Straw Man gathering wouldn't be complete without the breaking of bread. I'm almost positive that we will end up being the least starving musicians on the planet. Even Nan has put on a pound or two. As we sat around eating, it dawned on us what a cool day we just had.  We got to play some music, and spent the day eating and drinking with friends. We could definitely get used to this.





Much love to Carla, Matt, and Nathan for helping us out, so we could share some of the good vibes coming from Casa del Maiuri. And the vibes are bueno. Muy bueno. We hope you dig it.